The Band Plays On



Christopher Harding and Nathelie Tudberry
Copyright registered in the above names, registration number 284721584
April 2018


This is a reflective exploration of how I have become a certain kind of writer. It has happened, I believe, as part of the process and practice of academic research and writing. Partly, it happened as well, I think, through my involvement with legal theory and legal argument.…


This is a fairy tale of protest and legal change in the Western Lands in the fading days of Empire, but as Scheherazade might say, there is much that can be learnt from these never-ending stories of interesting deeds and powerful metaphor.


It is still possible to walk along hedgerow bound paths and small lanes from White Waltham or Waltham St Lawrence to the secluded site of Shottesbrooke church and House. Even this far into the twenty first century, here is a genuinely rural experience, though this quiet countryside is hemmed in…

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Responding to the now perceived need for an improved public legal education, this is an initiative to enhance general public awareness and understanding of law and legal issues through the telling of legal stories based on significant legal cases and problems. The stories are aimed at different…

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Meeting again former Aberystwyth law undergraduate John Wyn Williams (1983-1986) at the recent Legal Wales Conference on 12 October was a great pleasure. While John reminded me of the sawn off oar on my office wall in the 1980s, I later recalled that he was the bass player with Aberystwyth…

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Mitch Robinson’s Fellowship
(As reported in the Law School Newsletter 2016)


Cartel biographies: the researcher as story-teller and the preservation of the research wilderness on the inside of the subject
Christopher Harding

I had been talking with my colleague Gavin Dingwall about effective communication in the lecture room and I argued that musical and rhythmic accompaniment could be used to good purpose in providing emphasis, pace and tone in the delivery of the lecture. To demonstrate, Gavin and Jana Rae Dewson…

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