Research Poetry


Heidegger, Heidegger, I dig Heidegger !                           
Dig deep, dig bigger, he ain’t no theory beggar.
En francais, Deutsch ! A cooler lingo trigger.
Hi there, Heidegger, you are my father figure.
Grasp that book, read that book, you son of a theory rigger,…

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Page One Thousand,
Wrote some bold entrepreneurs
Back in Nineteen Forty Five,
To celebrate many days of good fellowship -
Thriving days of yore,
Many dollars in the corporate chest.
And, hey lads,
Good times are here again !
The arguments are over…

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Is it possible to grasp this moment as real,  
Entering this familiar room like walking onto a stage,
The moment of recent dreams ?
Yet now I can remember nothing,
Of those years of work,
Thought and planning,
Grand designs, 
Proof and theory,

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Whiskey in the Jar


(Traditional, arr. Harding)