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An archive for the Aberystwyth Law School  - over a hundred years of Law and Criminology at Aberystwyth University – has now been established, and at present is now securely located in the Elystan Morgan Building on the AU Llanbadarn Campus.

I have had for a long time an interest in the idea of the indigenous, the native, the aboriginal, for instance and in particular in relation to ‘native Americans’ and fifth century ‘British’ inhabitants of the ‘British’ islands: Lone Watie in his conversations with Josey Wales, the war…

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The Pisciotti ruling by the European Court of Justice (Case C-191/16, Romano Pisciotti v Germany) in April 2018 deserves comment, and some of it critical comment, in a number of respects. At a general level, the proceeding is significant in bringing together two aspects of EU law, anti-…

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This is a fairy tale of the Southern Borderlands, but as Scheherazade might say there is much that can be learnt from these never-ending stories of interesting deeds and powerful metaphor.


This is a reflective exploration of how I have become a certain kind of writer. It has happened, I believe, as part of the process and practice of academic research and writing. Partly, it happened as well, I think, through my involvement with legal theory and legal argument.…


This is a fairy tale of protest and legal change in the Western Lands in the fading days of Empire, but as Scheherazade might say, there is much that can be learnt from these never-ending stories of interesting deeds and powerful metaphor.


Goronwy Rees was the Principal of University College of Wales, Aberystwyth from 1954 to 1957, before being ousted by the university establishment there – on the face of it, largely on account of his connection  with Soviet spies. Aberystwyth’s now half-remembered ‘Cold War Vice-Chancellor’ ?


Responding to the now perceived need for an improved public legal education, this is an initiative to enhance general public awareness and understanding of law and legal issues through the telling of legal stories based on significant legal cases and problems. The stories are aimed at different…

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In recent years I have started to get together regularly with friends from some way back in the past, people I knew at school, but rather lost sight of in the intervening years. This has been pleasurable, not just as nostalgia, but as a way of reflecting on a common starting point followed by…

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