Do you know, Harding, you have great gifts, you could really go places. But you have this underlying obstinate attitude.

George Whitfield, Headmaster of Hampton Grammar School, in 1968

I have a theory that the best songs can be played on an out of tune piano.

Songwriter and musician

The Sunne may set and rise
But we contrariwise
Sleepe after the short light
One everlasting night.
(After Thomas Campion and Catullus 5)

Adventurer, courtier and poet

Well, I can't help the shape I'm in,
Ain't pretty, can't sing and my legs are thin.
But don't ask me what I think of you -
Might not give the answer that you want me to.
Oh well.

Lines from the blues

One of the rarest of all the intellectual accomplishments that a man can possess is the grand faculty of arranging his ideas. Immense privilege ! I possess it. Do you ?

Prelude to his written confession in Wilkie Collins' 'The Woman in White'

There are two things I will never believe. I do not believe that The King is dead. And I do not believe that men walked on the Moon.

A view on fake news from the Deep South

Keep the river on your right, and the highway at your shoulder, and the front line in your sights, pioneer. Keep your eye on the road, remember what you told her, this is all in code, my dear.

('The Long Strange Golden Road')

Song writer and musician

Does not my fortune sit triumphant on my brow ? dost not see the little wanton god there all gay and smiling ? have I not an air about my face and eyes, that distinguish me from the crowd of common lovers ?

From The Rover, by Aphra Behn

Any turning back of a historical clock would give me fewer opportunities and a harder time, because however much I might enjoy resenting  the baby-boomers for their free education, ride on the property market and final salary pension schemes, the women of that generation opened doors for their…

Sarah Moss on the Baby-Boomers

Gives not the hawthorn-bush a sweeter shade to shepherds watching on their silly sheep, than doth a rich embroidered canopy to the king, who fears his subjects’ treachery.…

One of the Bard's reflections