New Zealand visit abandoned

Trip to Christchurch hit by quarantine provisions

At the last moment I have had to abandon my trip to Christchurch and Canterbury University. If I had left for New Zealand as planned I would have found myself in quarantine for the whole of my time there, so the proposed visit became pointless. This has proven very disappointing for all concerned but we shall try to re-arrange it for some time in the not too distant future. Later this year, however, associate Shea Esterling plans to spend some of her research leave in Oxford so we will have the opportunity to meet at that time.

New Zealand Visit

Visit to Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2020

During the second part of March I shall be visiting Christchurch in New Zealand. As well as an opportunity to see part of the South Island, this will involve a visit to Canterbury University in Christchurch and the chance to catch up with associate Shea Esterling, former colleague from Aberystwyth and now working in the Law Faculty at Canterbury University. While there I shall join one or two graduate seminars at the University and generally enjoy the New Zealand late summer. Shea, a few years ago a PhD candidate and tutor at Aberystwyth, has revived an earlier connection between the two universities.- in the early 1940s, Isobel Matson, the first female graduate in Law from Canterbury University, also became the first female member of academic staff in the Aberystwyth Law School, before returning to Christchurch with her husband John, later to be Vice-Chancellor at Canterbury University.  

Dewis/Choice Project Launch Event

Research Project New Funding Launch, Cardiff

The Dewis/Choice Research Project is hosting a launch event to mark the award of extra funding, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff on 19 February: 'Transforming the Response to Domestic Abuse in Later Life'. £335,000 has been awarded by UK Portfolio to extend the research to other parts of the UK, and a number of presentations will explain how the research programme will be developed further with the support of this funding. Speakers will include project leader Sarah Wydall, Professor John Williams, Rebecca Zerk and the Older People's Commissioner for Wales. There will be a report on the completion of a new hand-book, Practitioners' Guidance, and the showing of an award winning short film dealing with LGB victim-survivor experience recently made as part of the project.

New research publications

Recently published academic work

A number of my research papers have recently been published or are imminent for publication. 'Enforcement Inconsistency in EU Competition Cases as a Rule of Law Problem' has appeared in the fourth issue of the 2019 volume of Legal Issues of Economic Integration. This paper is based on my presentation in Budapest a year ago (see News Box), and is full of 'enforcement boxes' (I like boxes as an explanatory device). 'The System of EU Antitrust Law: Characteristics, safeguards and differences from traditional criminal law', originating in my presentation in Freiburg in the summer of 2018 (see News Box), has now been published in volume 90 (2019) Revue Internationale de Droit Penal. Then, along with research associate Joanna Banach-Gutierrez, I have edited a forthcoming special issue (five papers) of the New Journal of European Criminal Law,. 'Exploring the Interface between EU and National Criminal Law'. The band plays on !

Leicester Guildhall Gig

Talk on penal history at the Leicester Guildhall

On Tuesday 3 December I made my scheduled appearance at the Leicester Guildhall, a historical site, to present some ideas about penal history to some students and staff from De Montfort University, Gavin Dingwall and Tim Hillier had prepared the ground well for an atmospheric venue, with a bit of chill and some nice fading afternoon light in the upper windows of the old hall - memorable. A visit to the Guildhall is highly recommended, especially for aficionados of older penal devices, such as the scold's bridle and metal gibbet cage. That should prove to be my last public performance for 2019.