New Zealand Visit

Visit to Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2020

New Zealand landscape

During the second part of March I shall be visiting Christchurch in New Zealand. As well as an opportunity to see part of the South Island, this will involve a visit to Canterbury University in Christchurch and the chance to catch up with associate Shea Esterling, former colleague from Aberystwyth and now working in the Law Faculty at Canterbury University. While there I shall join one or two graduate seminars at the University and generally enjoy the New Zealand late summer. Shea, a few years ago a PhD candidate and tutor at Aberystwyth, has revived an earlier connection between the two universities.- in the early 1940s, Isobel Matson, the first female graduate in Law from Canterbury University, also became the first female member of academic staff in the Aberystwyth Law School, before returning to Christchurch with her husband John, later to be Vice-Chancellor at Canterbury University.