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An archive for the Aberystwyth Law School  - over a hundred years of Law and Criminology at Aberystwyth University – has now been established, and at present is now securely located in the Elystan Morgan Building on the AU Llanbadarn Campus.

The Aberystwyth Law School, established in 1901, is one of the oldest university Law Schools in Britain and the oldest in Wales. Set up as the Department of Law in the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth it evolved eventually into the Department of Law and Criminology of Aberystwyth…

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Aberystwyth University Library holds several thousand volumes in its rare books collections, some dating back to the sixteenth century. Many of these books have a fascinating past history, passing through the hands of noted national and international figures before coming to the Library. Bill…

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Some recent Bubbacraft (September 2018). An impressive and noble display, wood and antler - a metre wide.