EU Criminal Justice Agencies Symposium in Lund

Small conference at the Faculty of Law at Lund University

Harding's first visit to Lund 1998

On 15 October I made my way to Sweden to take part in this symposium at Lund University, which discussed transnational criminal enforcement by EU criminal justice agencies. The meeting was supported by the Swedish Network for European Legal Studies and organised by Jacob Oberg of Lund University. Naturally enough there was a good deal of contemplation of the value added by the project now going under the name of 'EU Criminal Law', and I was able to float the idea of the enterprise as a 'ship of fools' in Plato's sense of the term (what a great metaphor !) Going to Lund was also the opportunity to meet or catch up with a number of interesting people - Jacob himself Mike Levi, Christian Kaunert, and Ester Herlin-Karnell, among others. In addition I was able to have some stimulating conversations with Maria Green, also of Lund University, who shares an active interest in legal story-telling. A full and engaging few days in a nice Scandinavian setting.