Edited collections

In order of publication

Legal Provision in the Rural Environment 1994

Legal Provision in the Rural Environment : Legal Services, Criminal Justice and Welfare Provision  in Rural Areas [co-editor John Williams] (University of Wales Press, 1994), 144  +viii pp.


Criminal Justice in Europe : a Comparative Study [co-editors Phil Fennell, Nico Jörg and Bert Swart] (Clarendon Press, 1995), 404 + xix pp.


Enforcing European Community Rules : Criminal Proceedings, Administrative Procedures and Harmonization [co-editor Bert Swart] (Dartmouth Publishing, Socio-Legal Studies Series, 1996), 214 + xii pp.


Renegotiating Westphalia : Essays and Commentary on the European and Conceptual Foundations of Modern International Law [co-editor C. L. Lim] (Martinus Nijhoff, 1999), 389 + xi pp.


Information Technology and Human Rights. Special issue of Information and Communications Technology Law, March issue, 2005 [co-editor Uta Kohl], 81 pp.


EU Criminal Law and Crime Policy: Values, Principles and Methods [co-editor Joanna Beata Banach-Gutierrez], (Routledge, 2017), 261 + xii pp.