This page maps out and introduces the main areas of creative work – writing and otherwise – in which I am now engaged. It also provides some idea of my connection and association with other people in relation to these activities.

Is this a new genre ? Sometimes, during the time of poetry writing, something would come to mind, relating to the activity of research, usually academic research. The tone and style is mainly wry, playful, and occasionally a disguised satire. Sometimes I would include such a work in an academic presentation or on a recommended reading list, but for many in such an audience or readership I suspect it was a steep learning curve. However, writing such poems is enjoyable.

Life outside and after the day job - what happens when you quit the day job, or part of it. Life continues, and perhaps in a rich and varied way. A report on creative activities, past, present and continuing, and future, and often involving other interesting people.

This is a writing project, now under way. It began, and continues, as an exploration of connection and disconnection in interpersonal relations. But as it has progressed I have become conscious also of a preoccupation with the on going problem of misogyny in many societies. It combines historical 'reality' and imagined character and narrative. A kind of magic realism, perhaps. For a taster, see the poem; 'Standing by the Casement'.

Some images here - mainly of water colour painting, mainly by myself but not always, from the past and up to the present.

As songwriter Ray Davies asks: 'Where is the poetry ?' That is an important question. The poetry started some time ago, and has many different inspirations. Perhaps it embodies a philosophy of life. Is it any good ? That is for the reader to judge, of course.

Hey ! This is new work. Shorter pieces (and so readable), pensive and analytical, on a diverse range of subjects.

Geographical and personal - the inter-related activities of myself, Bill Hines, Richard Ireland and Melanie Williams (see under 'Associates') who all happen to be based in Mid Wales.