Associates meet with Stuart Batcup

History of Law School research meeting

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As part of our research into the history of the Aberystwyth Law School, Richard Ireland, John Williams and myself met with Stuart Batcup, who had been a student in the Law Department in the mid 1960s. Stuart had been a high profile undergraduate at the time, before going on to a notable career as a legal professional and then judge. He provided a fund of information regarding activities, personalities and impressions of Aberystwyth some fifty or so years ago, and proved great company for our meeting. Memorably, Stuart was the co-signatory of a letter to the Western Mail in response to the attack on Aberystwyth by MP Leo Abse in 1966 Abse argued that a Welsh Law School should be in Cardiff, not Aberystwyth. Stuart and his fellow students were able to trash Abse's argument and evidence. Stuart had a fund of such stories, an invaluable witness for the project.