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Criminal Enterprise

Academic monographs (in order of publication)


Notices and Group Exemptions in EEC Competition Law (ESC Publishing,1980), 260 + vi pp

[1st Supplement, 1982, 66 pp

2nd Supplement, 1983, 45 pp

3rd Supplement, 1986, 94 pp

4th Supplement, 1990, 134 pp.]

 Imprisonment in England and Wales : A Concise History [with Bill Hines, Richard Ireland and Philip Rawlings] (Croom Helm, 1985), 308 + xii pp.

Sentencing and the Penal System : Text and Materials [with Laurence Koffman] (Sweet & Maxwell, 1985), 401 + xxvii pp.

Punishment : Rhetoric, Rule and Practice [with Richard Ireland] (Routledge, 1989), 242 pp.

European Community Investigations and Sanctions : the Supranational Control of Business Delinquency (Leicester University Press, 1992), 156 + xi pp.

European Community Law : Text and Materials [with Ann Sherlock] (Longman, 1995), 597 + xxxii pp.

Sentencing and the Penal System : Text and Materials, 2nd edition [with Laurence Koffman] (Sweet & Maxwell, 1995), 460 + xxix pp.

Diversion in the Criminal Process [with Gavin Dingwall] (Sweet and Maxwell : Modern Legal Studies, 1998), 197 + xii pp.

Regulating Cartels in Europe : A Study of the Legal Control of Corporate Delinquency [with Julian Joshua] (Oxford University Press : Studies in European Law, 2003), 301 + xxv pp.

Criminal Enterprise : Individuals, Organisations and Criminal Responsibility (Willan Publishing, 2007), 284 + xiii pp.

Human Rights in the Market Place : The Exploitation of Rights Protection By Economic Actors [with Naomi Salmon and Uta Kohl] (Ashgate Publishing, 2008), 252 + xii pp.

Regulating Cartels in Europe [with Julian Joshua] (second edition, Oxford University Press, January 2010), 409 + xxvii pp.

[with Jennifer Edwards] Cartel Criminality : The Pathology and Mythology of Antitrust Collusion (Ashgate Publishing, 2015), 253 + xxv pp.


In preparation:

[with Estella Baker] The European Union and Penal Competence : A Study of Evolving Governance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).

[with Alison Cronin] Regulating Bad Business Practice : Mapping a Framework for Legal Intervention  – on establishing a coherent jurisprudential basis for the regulation and legal control of delinquent and criminal corporate and business activity  (Contract agreed with Edward Elgar publishers for 2018-19.

[with Richard Ireland and John Williams] A History of the Aberystwyth Law School, 1901-2016.