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Two of my papers have just been published in edited collections - 'The Biology and Psychology of Atrocity and the Erasure of Memory', as Chapter Two in Aksenova, van Sliedregt and Parmentier (eds), Breaking the Cycle of Mass Atrocities (Hart Publishing), and (with Joanna Banach-Gutierrez) 'The Search for Evidence Relating to the Application and Impact of EU Legislation', as Chapter Three in Ouwerkerk, Oberg, Altena and Miettinen (eds), EU Criminal Justice - Policy and Practice (Brill). So - international criminal law, then EU criminal law. The first of these notably incorporates some discussion of Kazuo Ishiguro's 'The Buried Giant' as a fictional representation of erasure of collective memory. The second paper began life as a joint presentation with Joanna at a conference in Leiden in June 2017. A short while ago, another paper, 'Popular Justice and the Regulation of Trade: Muckraking, Rough Music, Political Cartoons and the Vilification of Entrepreneurial Heroes', had been published in volume 12 of 'Law and Humanities'. The band plays on !