Lecture at Leicester Guildhall

Lecture on Penal History for De Montfort University, at Leicester Guildhall, 3 December 2019

Gaspard Harding Flisher demonstrates an earlier penal method

Gavin Dingwall and Tim Hillier of the School of Law at De Montfort University have invited me to contribute some penal history to one of their modules, and arranged for a session on this subject at the Leicester Guildhall. That should be suitably atmospheric, and on Tuesday afternoon, 3 December, I shall talk about major transitions in penal method and penal philosophy to a group of students and staff from the Law School. There is of course much to say on the subject and I shall be exploring the shift from the public assault on the offender's body to more subtle manipulation of the offender's mind. A history of progress or desperate remedies ? That will be for the audience to decide.